Many people may think of autumn or winter when they think of essential oils. You sit comfortably with a cup of tea on the sofa and have a pleasant scent in the diffuse that makes you feel loved and embraced. In fact, essential oils can be used at any time, they are a wonderful support in everyday life. Their effects can be very versatile. I use and work with the high-quality essential oils, of course you can also use other companies.

I have summarized the most common essential oils from for you! A kind of medicine chest so to speak.


Lemon is an incredibly versatile essential oil. It has a refreshing effect on the mind, supports mental clarity and has a mood-enhancing character. Especially when writing books, it has always taken away the mental fog that arises when you have to think a lot. Lemon has an energizing effect, promotes positivity and is a beautiful oil that promotes self-acceptance.

Every morning I drink a glass of water with a drop of lemon, which gives me a feeling of freshness and clarification. With lemon you can also remove wonderfully annoying stickers and even with chewing gum in your hair we had great success.

I like to make lemon in my salad or porridge. 1-2 drops are enough to give the food a fresh taste. Who works a lot with children: Lemon promotes learning ability, keeps you awake and concentrated.


A wonderful oil in the heat that prevails almost everywhere. I use peppermint with a carrier oil and put it on my neck and temples. In addition, I have a small spray bottle with peppermint oil and witch hazel magic and spray me with it if necessary. That cools my head and body and keeps me mentally fit and awake.

I like to pepp smoothies with a drop of peppermint, I find it delicious. In addition, peppermint gives lightness and can bring back joy of life.

I also use it for migraines on my scalp and neck with a carrier oil, which helps me a lot. Peppermint is also a wonderful heart opener, perfect for yoga classes to make it easier for students to arrive after a long day in the office.

Peppermint and lemon are perfect as a healthy mouthwash.

If you like junk food and are tired of it, you can control your appetite a little by diffusing peppermint or smelling the bottle and feel full faster.

For me, peppermint is one of the most effective stimulants, my children use it every day at school. I also like to make my own chocolate and add peppermint oil, delicious!

On Guard

This unique oil blend consists of wild orange, rosemary, cinnamon bark and clove and supports the immune system. I always have at least two bottles in the house because I always worry that it might not be there when I need it.

For me this oil mixture is a real saviour when I get cystitis or sinusitis. I then rub the specific spot with On Guard and a carrier oil. In winter I like to have bladder infections 6-8 times. Since then I don’t use On Guard once. I could prevent it with it.

It also supports our family excellently in cases of flu infections. I like the smell of On Guard very much and it also runs frequently in the diffuser. Viruses and bacteria are thus killed, it also works against mould formation.

In summer I also use it for bee or insect stings. It is an extremely cleansing mixture, which I also like to use in the airplane to keep me away from diseases.

I then have a roll-on, which I put on my wrists, or have it in a tiny spray bottle and first clean my surroundings.


Lavender is a fantastic oil for promoting awareness and eloquently expressing one’s own truth. Lavender’s purifying scent and vibration help keep jealousy and negativity away from the outside.

If you work in the field of channeling, lavender can support and deepen your work. Lavender provides relaxation and calms uncertainties, especially if you want to express yourself verbally from the heart and communicate honestly with others.

For a restful sleep, rub a few drops of lavender into the diffuser or under the soles of the feet (with carrier oil). In case of burns, apply lavender with carrier oil to the affected areas to relieve skin irritation and swelling.

If you have children who cannot fall asleep: Just put 1-2 drops of lavender on the pillow for a nice fall asleep ritual. Those who suffer from an itchy stomach during pregnancy can counteract the itching with lavender oil. For sunburn, use carrier oil or aloe vera with lavender.


Incense helps to recognize and release negative vibrations and false truths. It creates new perspectives based on light and love.

It is also called the oil of truth. Incense reminds us that we are loved and protected. The incense from dōTERRA has a very pleasant, mild smell.

To reduce stress, you can add lavender, peppermint and incense diffuse, or on the neck to relieve tension.

If you want a radiant skin, you can add 1-2 drops of incense to your day and night care. Incense can also support cell renewal, I have achieved good results with my scars.

A beautiful oil to soothe expectant mothers during pregnancy and labour and to relieve anxiety. To do this, apply incense diffusely or with a carrier oil to the heart chakra. It is also a wonderful essential oil for spiritual practice to deepen meditation.


Melaleuca is also worth its weight in gold! Those who suffer from difficult, energy-sucking people in their environment can set an excellent limit with Melaleuca (tea tree oil). It promotes honesty towards oneself and helps to stop cheating oneself or letting oneself be exploited.

A wonderful oil if you want to let go of energetic ballast. Melaleuca soothes and calms skin irritations. Melaleuca also helps me wonderfully with cold sores. In return I apply it undiluted every hour to the affected area. When the miracle has healed, I work with incense so that it doesn’t rip open again and again.

When I recently had a middle ear infection, I warmed a teaspoon of olive oil slightly and added two drops of Melaleuca. I dribbled the mixture into the affected ear with a pipette and then lay on the other ear for a few minutes. Then I wiped the ear again. Repeated 2-3 times a day, the next day my ear pain disappeared without medication.


Another powerful oil. Oregano oil is known to underpin energetic blockages, negativity, unteachability, entrenched patterns and belief systems.

Oregano, like Melaleuca, encourages one to say goodbye to toxic relationships, oppressive jobs, or a destructive habit. Oregano is also an immune booster. I take it to a glass of water when I feel that a flu is approaching.

Also in the kitchen it is delicious as a flavour enhancer in a sauce, dip or for frying. To do this, first pour the oil onto a teaspoon and then into the dish with a toothpick.

Who suffers from cold hands and feet: mix 1-2 drops of oregano with a carrier oil and rub in the affected areas to warm them. Oregano is one of the strongest essential oils, less is more.

Air or Breathe

This in-house mixture of dōTERRA was previously called “Breathe”. Air has done a lot for my son. He has been suffering from sleep apnea for many years. In his sleep, he often stops breathing for longer periods of time, which is of course very disturbing for us as parents.

This makes him constantly tired during the day, with deep eye rims and sometimes unfocused. Since I give him daily air in the diffuser and lubricate him with it, he sleeps much calmer and is more rested during the day. The heavy snoring has also stopped.

We have tried a lot in the last few years and were about to get a breathing mask for him. I am very happy that Air is now giving my son a deep sleep.

Air is also a beautiful mixture for people who find it hard to embrace life and lack the courage to open up.

People who suffer from claustrophobia can regain the feeling of being able to breathe again in narrow spaces through Air. Air consists of eucalyptus, lemon, melaleuca, cardamom, ravintsara leaf and other oils. Excellent also to support the Pranayama practice.